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Process Engineering is both Art and Science. Process Engineering identifies and documents every step of your Business Processes, not by manager interviews in Board Rooms, but by hands-on discussions with the people that actually do the work. These existing processes are then aligned with management, and finally aligned with the right technology to maximize technology and minimize the routine work of valuable human resources.

Computer automation does not correct process problems; it just makes them happen a lot faster! America is full of horror stories of companies buying expensive computer systems and software that did not deliver value…the root reason is always found in bad Process Engineering, and in the unreal expectation of hoping a computer system will fix process issues.

Millions of dollars of software investments were never used or never worked. A national Managed Care Organization invested $10 million before shelving their new software system, which had promised to fix all their problems for $1 million. In Hershey’s (chocolate) case, it literally cost the company $100 million in sales revenue because the new system was too difficult to get orders placed in time for the peak selling season.

Another national office furniture manufacturer invested 10’s of millions of dollars, and went into their 8th year trying to implement a new system, only to find out it would not perform some vital functions, which a less expensive software package could have performed. But the need took 8 years to identify. These are very real horror stories. Process engineering is insurance to prevent such losses.

Blue Wing has decades of experience using many techniques now known as the industry standard “Rational Unified Process” or RUP, the science now used by 98 of the Fortune 100 to manage Business Processes in an ever changing global economy. RUP is the science used by leading software developers world wide. RUP science blended with Blue Wing consulting expertise delivers enterprise Process alignment. Enterprise process alignment delivers compliance from top to bottom and puts everyone on the same page. Only when an enterprise is on the same page can a computer system be effective in increasing efficiency and the bottom line. Where there are layers of management (insulation between executives and field staff), there are process disconnects between humans at the top and bottom of the organizational charts. Identifying process disconnects first paves the internal information routes so information travels fast, timely, and to the right destinations.

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