Blue Wing USA  is an international team of independent consultants, proven experts in CREATIVE multimedia campaigns and websites, publishing, global sourcing, and business efficiency experts that identify client business efficiency needs, realign existing manual or semi-automated business processes to take maximum advantage of current state of the art technology, identifies the true current costs of doing business, then matches client needs with the best value system(s) for our clients that pay for themselves through increased efficiency. Blue Wing Directors are experienced, creative trouble shooters with proven track records across multiple industries, agencies, organizations, and enterprises. Our teams of proven experts provide the intellectual capital needed to achieve these aggressive goals.

Blue Wing USA  is unique by including in every contract for systems design and implementation services, a written guarantee that all work contracted to Blue Wing USA will return more than the investment made by the client within 24 months.

Blue Wing USA Directors provide Board of Director “independent private business operations audit services” to insure integrity and reduce liability exposure, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Systems Training to align every employee with the core values of the enterprise leader.

Blue Wing’s BEST, the Business Efficiency Solutions Team, provides Strategic Planning in Business Operations, Information Systems, Financial, Sales and Marketing, featuring U.S. Patent award winning Process Engineering, System Implementation, Training, Support, and contract independent Information Systems Management Services. Contracting Chief Information Officer services has rapidly become the norm for small to mid sized organizations of all types…delivering an affordable part-time strategist that either replaces and/or enhances expensive full-time Human Resources.

Our focus is on small to medium sized businesses that desire or require maximum efficiency business processes to compete at the highest level. Industry expertise includes Government, Federal and State, Health Care, Technology, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Insurance, Service, Distribution, and Organizations both for profit and non-profit. Many Fortune 500 clients have benefited from our services, but our primary focus is on small to medium sized growing businesses.

Our Mission

Blue Wing USA is the bridge between business efficiency needs and business efficiency solutions. To ethically and efficiently provide maximum improvement to every client’s Business Efficiency in every area of the company, agency, organization, or enterprise…this is our sole mission. Blending today’s Human Resources with state of the art Technologies…this is our art. Research and Developing existing industry or (in the alternative) proprietary automation technologies, and then implementing the highest level and best value of Technology for every client…this is our craft.

Client Covenant

BlueWingUSA covenants to strive constantly to honor Biblical principles at all times, including personal and professional conduct, value, service, mutual benefit, ethical and moral behavior. BlueWingUSA is totally dependent upon our client to provide full project support and cooperation, including all documentation and information requested, independent access to interview staff and management for confidential exchanges of information, independent access to all systems and processes, all of which are the pre-requisite to project success. Given full cooperation from client, BlueWingUSA unconditionally guarantees all our work to satisfy our clients, to return dividends on your investment that exceed the amount invested within a reasonable time frame, and our staff to apply and exhibit Biblical standards in all we do. We will blueprint your system to achieve your goals, tell you what we need from you to make it happen, and take full responsibility to succeed if you do your part. We accept full responsibility of this project, in every way, to succeed…period. We also agree…

To allocate appropriate staff, time, and resources to insure the successful completion and support of the project.
To communicate regularly throughout the duration of the project as frequently as BlueWingUSA. or client deems necessary to review the project status in order to keep client informed of any outstanding issues.
Timely documentation of issues is required from all parties.
To make the successful completion of this project a prime focus for BlueWingUSA.
If requested, configure and support the rollout of any new field procedures or systems, or other mutually acceptable tasks.
Take responsibility for determining what the client wants to accomplish and succeed if client provides adequate resources.