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Blue Wing Publishing bring to market the works of a few selected authors with a mission in life to improve the quality of the lives of others, always representing the values of Christian Patriots, whether fiction or non-fiction. Blue Wing Publishing consultants transform raw manuscripts into the highest quality finished works of art that make a statement about the author by the sheer quality of the finished product. We are contracted partners with selected authors who believe in their mission.

Blue Wing Publishing is a contracted consultant team with the experience and expertise to bring worthy works to the marketplace, editing and formatting them properly, creating covers that compel readers to open the book and begin to read it, file the intellectual property documentation with the Library of Congress and The Office of Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights, assign the ISBN and barcodes required for International distribution, supervise the initial printing, delivery and registration in the computer systems of the International network of book stores.

A unique Strategic Marketing Plan is created from extensive market research to determine the viability of each book, identify competition, determine the cover price, prioritize the markets most receptive, and a plan of action according to the budget of each author for that work.

All of these services delivered to the author as consultants allow authors to retain ownership and the profits of their works, instead of being paid a 15% commission for each book sold.

Typical consulting fee arrangements are for a consulting fee of $5,000 for Production from manuscript submission through printing, plus a fee of $5,000 for a Strategic Marketing Plan, for a $10,000 minimum fee. In addition Blue Wing Publishing retains printing rights and is paid a 15% commission of the cover price for each printing and re printing ordered, with a minimum of 2,500 books per printing, in perpetuity.

All submission procedures and other inquiries by email only to

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