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Enron, Arthur Andersen, and almost daily news media bring to light more companies suffering from the bankruptcy of core values and ethics in leading American enterprises. Leadership Systems Training insures the alignment of a company’s core values from the executive levels across the enterprise.

Leadership System Seminars are customized weekly sessions conducted by Blue Wing USA Managing Director Louie Johnston, MBA with decades of unique Leadership System success both in athletics and business. Louie Johnston has coached successfully at the High School and College levels, winning a World Series national championship with the Leadership System. One of his athletic books was ordered by 18 different Olympic Teams. His “Chalk Talk” articles training coaches at all levels have been published in leading athletic magazines internationally.

Louie Johnston has personally built from scratch several successful businesses teaching the Leadership System, growing Leaders within those businesses. Louie Johnston brings proven, timeless, core values into your organization, to first align, and then equip executives and managers in knowing and practicing daily the core values desired by your Leadership. Leadership System Seminars identify company core values first at the executive and then management levels. The disconnect is always found among the highest levels of leadership in an enterprise. Achieving unity must start at the top levels and be taught by actions of executives and managers to the enterprise. Only then will staff also achieve unity.

Leadership System Videotape Series are generic courses for interactive company meetings, a less expensive option to guide your facilitator/trainer to identify, instill, and insure compliance with company core values. The video courses begin with 6 weekly 2-3 hour sessions designed to deliver the material to executives and high level managers, and then hold immediate discussions to align every participant to the correct company processes and values. There are 3 levels of the Leadership System: Executive, Management, and Staff. Executive focuses on alignment and monitoring of core values. Management focuses on the balance between serving Executives while representing Staff appropriately. Staff focuses on the need and benefits of meeting and exceeding Management and Executive level expectations and requirements. All 3 Leadership System levels focus on the Enterprise need, placing the Team first, as “there is no “I” in the word TEAM”.

Blue Wing Leadership Systems are proven by decades of Athletic and Business success using the combined intellectual capital of individuals world wide, based on timeless core values.

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