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Blue Wing Business Information Systems automate your Business Processes – actually telling you what you want (or need) to know, what to do, when to do it, and who is doing it, keeping your business enterprise on track…with nothing falling through the cracks. Blue Wing Systems deliver information to you, rather than you having to chase information.

Systems automated to collect and deliver enterprise information without enslaving human resources to feed the computer system constantly. Systems automated to alert the right people when things are not done timely…alerts that go as high in the organization as needed until problems are resolved. Robust power and speed, yet easy to use with prompts and wizards, minimal typing, ad hoc reports anyone can build in 2 minutes or less. Systems align all staff persons to the business processes to insure compliance. These are Blue Wing Business Information Systems, and they all come with a 100% written guarantee to Return On Investment!

The Blue Wing Business Efficiency Solutions Team features Managing Director Louie Johnston, MBA, with U.S. Patent awards for unique, state of the art computer driven business information systems, including U.S. Military systems implemented worldwide. The Blue Wing Business Efficiency Solutions Team is the result of Blue Wing Business Process Engineering expertise, known for improving American manufacturing, distribution, government and service industries, particularly Health Care, with HIPAA, HCFA, and other complex regulatory requirements automated for enterprise compliance.

Blue Wing’s HealthCare systems are state of the art. From Behavioral Health Organizations to Managed Care Organizations to Pharmaceutical Benefits management, Blue Wing systems feature process alignment requirements to reinforce training and require enterprise compliance by every individual who accesses the system.

The new Behavioral HealthCare System unveiled at the September 2002 BHIT national conference in Washington, D.C. is the system by which all others are measured in the Behavioral Health Care industry. Blue Wing systems are guaranteed in writing to return more documented value than the cost invested. No other Business Information Systems company provides 100% written guarantees.

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